Friday, September 15, 2006

Loan Consolidation is the Priciest Adword

(For more about adwords and cost-per-click go here and here).
An informant writes:

The top 50 most expensive adwords "Loan consolidation" ($69.16) currently owns them all

This is the list of the top 50 most expensive Google adwords as of September 11, 2006 (GMT+1) (according to wget, grep, sed & friends). Prices are shown in estimated average CPC (costs per click). Yes, just one tiny click from someone searching for these keywords is worth almost $70 to someone, apparently.

(loan consolidation-related keywords make up 13 of the top 20!)

Adword Average CPC
school loan consolidation $69.16
college loan consolidation $68.35
car insurance quotes $66.88
school consolidation $66.29
auto insurance quotes $65.90
college consolidation $64.04
student loan consolidation rates $60.14
sell structured settlement $59.82
sell annuity $58.92
federal student loan consolidation $58.58
auto quotes $58.09
auto insurance quote $57.99
student consolidation $56.96
student loan consolidation $56.91
student loan consolidation interest rate $56.52
consolidate student loan $54.61
san diego dui attorney $54.56
car insurance $53.16
structured settlement $52.96
consolidate school loans $52.88
student loan refinance $52.44
consolidation of student loans $52.43


tsglisa said...

Wow, I am surprised at the payout for some of these keywords. I just added Adsense to my Get out of Debt Blog, I hope that these numbers are true. That would be great! Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

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