Sunday, June 18, 2006

A Marker

This blog went up exactly a year ago, at the end of June, as I was finishing up Generation Debt.
In August, I published a piece in the Washington Post Outlook Section about young people and activism. Then Katrina hit & I went home to New Orleans, turning in the final text literally the day before I left. Then $12.7 billion was cut from student loan programs and Sallie Mae's favorite congressman was elected house majority leader and the book got some press and I flew to Idaho to talk to high school and community college students...Now the column has ended, I'm preparing a new chapter for the paperback due out in January with a new subtitle, visiting more campuses, and writing about personal finance and debt and next-generation business.


A. Lin said...

I read your book this spring. It totally depressed me, but at least someone is discussing my generation without using the word lazy. I found my way to this blog, and I appreciate seeing you and all you do as a voice for my generation.

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This is nice. Congratulations to you. Where can i read your book?