Monday, February 20, 2006

Nice Long Interview on Salon

I spoke with Kamenetz at Salon's New York office about some of the psychological motivations behind consumer spending, the changing American workplace, the future of student loans and whether now is really such a terrible time to be young.

Update: there is a really long thread of letters/comments, which is always exciting to see, and many letter-writers seem to "get it."


Anonymous said...

I immediately connect with what you are saying. I graduated in 1999 with an advanced degree, had 156k student loan debt, now ballooned to 180k because of interest and the job market has been a sad joke. As I type I am wrapping up a two day temp receptionist assignment. The health insurance I purchase privately has cut services. I live with my mom and I am seriously thinking of emigrating, or just running away to another country or island to start a new life. I have seen no opportunity for the past seven years since graduation, and have no rational reason to hope for an improvement in circumstances in the US. I am beginning to believe that this country is simply going downhill fast, that this is the period of decline historians will be talking about and I have to abandon this sinking ship or sink with it. Oh, and it sucks to be in this situation when other generations seem to be doing just fine. I get a lot of blank stares or ironical expressions when I scratch the surface of my economic situation in any conversation. Hopefully, books like yours will send a signal to the population.

Anonymous said...

While my experience is different from the anonymous commenter, you've got me interested in reading what you have to say.

Thanks for dropping by my blog to defend your ideas. You've sold one more copy of your book!