Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Burning up the Future

My friend Billy Parish of Energy Action is in Montreal making sure that the voice of the future (ie, youth) is heard at the current UN climate change summit. They're blogging the conference anad they issued a Youth Declaration calling for minimum binding emissions reductions of 30% by 2020 and "a just transition to low-impact renewable energy."

From where I sit right now, in a post-K New Orleans, the growing danger of global warming does not look theoretical. This is a whole other angle of Generation Debt. Here you have a group of wealthy, mostly over-50 leaders and business execs who are furthering the status quo for their own gain, to the untold detriment of those of us who have our whole lives ahead of us.

Or as Bush likes to say: "And he said, ‘History,’ and then he took his hands out of his pocket and kind of shrugged and extended his hands as if this is a way off. And then he said, ‘History, we don’t know. We’ll all be dead.’”

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Anonymous said...

Anya, if "America's Youth" are not interested in working for the lower wages and bad working conditions that are rapidly being crated, if "America's Youth" are not willing to do the new poverty-level jobs that are being created, then America will have to replace "America's Youth" with other youth that are willing to actually do the work.

Five billion people across the globe live in conditions far, far worse than the conditions "America's Youth" live in. In fact, they are willing to work hard AND make babies, which "America's Youth" are not willing to do.

Do "America's Youth" deserve better than poor Chinese, poor Mixtecs, poor Ibo? Why should "America's Youth" live better than the meanest most downtrodden people on earth? Is it because "America's Youth" are Jewish? White? Spoiled blacks?

Hell, "America's Youth" don't know how good they have it, yet they think they deserve more and more and more.

Let's face it Anya, the only reason you have what you have is because your people are evil oppressors and deserve to be swamped by all the poor folks on the earth. And you know what, Anya? For as long as there are people on our borders begging to come in and work, begging fora job, begging not to be sent back home, "America's Youth" are being paid too much.

Black folks aren't being kept out of New Orleans, not when New Orleans contractors are begging for someone, ANYone, to come work twelve hour days seven days a week. New Orleans black folk, just like all other lazy Americans, are just not willing to work.

As the Californian Mexican liberal said, New Orleans is going to be a Mexican city from now on, because black folk are not wiling to come down and bust their @sses working to rebuild it and Mexicans are.