Monday, June 20, 2005

Generation Debt-the feature series

Generation Debt began in April 2004 as a feature series in the Village Voice. You can read the original stories I wrote here: about the youth vote, grad school, the exciting new road to poverty, the need for a student movement for our own economic interests, hungry grads in New York, high rent in the city, and women in Generation Debt. Also check out Brendan Koerner's original story, "The Ambition Tax."


Andrewx1966 said...

Ms. Kamenetz:

In one of the articles here is a guy named "Bryan" who lives in New York. He has $ 20,000 in debt. Yet he has decided to work part-time, not full time.

This is Bryan's right. It isn't even any of my business. However, a single guy who only works part time has no right to complain about debt, in my opinion.



Anonymous said...

You can't force people to take pay for work if they feel they can manage to do it for free. Let those wealthy parents foot the bill, what else are they going to spend their tax-sheltered, no-capital-gains, tax-cut -for -the rich money on? I hope their precious offspring pick a really expensive city to live in and eat caviar every night. More jobs for the waitresses, pizza-delivery, dry-cleaners, taxi drivers, maids, did I say maids? Yes, the rich kids should not work for pay, it would be silly, they would only be able to afford one haircut at best at $5.15 an hour, why bother?