Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Living Together

My newest Generation Debt column is about the economic advantages and drawbacks of cohabitation.

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The Dude said...

Don't these people seem a little too white and self-indulgent?

Maybe it's just me being an old guy past the age of consent and all, but isn't 32 or 34 considered "well into adulthood" in most normal countries? When my parents were 32, they and their peers had three kids in grade school and were busting their butts raising families, not navel-gazing.

Now I guess European countries are institutionalizing the "live-at-home-with-mom-and-dad-until-forty" stuff, but isn't that fairly recent? And isn't it considered a sickness and abnormal?

Take Italy and Spain, for example. When I was a kid, Italian and Spanish families were quite large. Four, five, six kids were not unusual. But that was 40 years ago, before feminism and the massive taxation that goes with the welfare state.

Now, forty years later, Italy has the largest population of stay-at-home unmarried mama's boys in Europe, and the Italian and Spanish races are going extinct.

With a total lifetime fertility of something around 1.2 (!), the Italians and Spanish will have voluntarily extinguished themselves as a race, people and culture by 2100.

The Albanians and Africans who are fast replacing Italians in Italy adn the South Americans and Africans who are replacing the Spanish haven't been seduced into extinction by the left. They get right down to business, having large families, creating new life and passing on *their* culture to their children. They don't seem to put the Good Life ahead of making, teaching and enculturing the next generation.

Speaking on a purely scientific, Darwinian basis, isn't a liberal lifestyle that puts boozing, partying, dinners out and gourmet wine ahead of male/female commitment and reproduction more accurately considered "pathological"?

I mean a lesbian/homosexual drone lifestyle of self-fulfillment and the Good Life is OK for a few, but one really cannot elevate it to a social ideal or one's culture, race and people will just disappear as the European cultures, races and people are currently doing. It's not that folks "malign" th friends Anya writes about, calling those who live out these drone-like existences as "adultescents", it is that these overgrown kids spell extinction for our race and culture.

Now voluntary extinction isn't that bad a thing to all the overeducated white boys and white girls who were taught in college that white folks are a "cancer on the human race" (as their doyenne Sontag pronounced) but for the rest of us normal folk who like our lives, our villages, our towns, cities and states, our litle festivals, and processions, rituals and religions, that life and the values that inform it (consider Playboy, Penthouse, Maxim, the Village Voice, the Advocate or any of the other mutual masturbation, cosmetics, toy buying commitment-phobic kids' rags) is better understood as a collective delusion and social sickness.