Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Yahoo! Finance Column: IS College Worth It?

Here's my most recent column on Yahoo! finance:
"For the purposes of this column, however, I'll put aside the important intangible benefits such as widening cultural horizons and developing critical thinking, civic participation, healthier living, and stronger relationships. In strict dollar terms, is that degree going to be worth the parchment it's printed on for Generation Debt?"

Also, I was on KCRW's (Los Angeles) "To The Point" show yesterday. It's a pretty interesting half hour of talk about the mortgage meltdown. Particularly the woman from the National Consumer Law Center.


Jonathan said...

Nice column Anya, isn't it ironic that very rarely does college effectively teach young graduates how to deal with personal finance and debt management - something that they will immediately be saddled with as a result of their student loans?

Anonymous said...

If colleges actually taught financial literacy, then students would understand that they are being ripped off, and they'd revolt.....

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